Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SO I remember how to do it in 5 years...

I taught Maryna to parallel park yestereday in anticipation of her road test sometime this week or next. Maybe she's just a fast learner, but she had it nearly perfect from her 2nd try onward. If it helps anyone else, here's what worked for us:

1. Read this before hand (f-bomb warning in the last paragraph or so)http://lifehacker.com/the-right-way-to-parallel-park-step-b…. Have it open on your phone or print it out. Also watch the long-ish video in the comments here.  And watch this.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0uAFVeDUjs.

2. Go to a mostly empty parking lot and pull through into a space so you are facing out. "Parallel park" into the open space to your back right, imaginging that there's a car to your right.

I had Maryna read ME the step by step directions while I did the first parking. We talked about where those 45* marks to the front left and rear right would be as well as the middle of the windshield and rear window.  For me in the driver's seat, it meant whatever I saw directly over the side mirror (front right) or whatever was in the back passenger mini-window.  FInd a reference point. (Bringing a small post-it note to mark those spots on the windows would have helped a lot!!!)

You're going to do that first step (crank and reverse) until that thing that was 45* to your front left or back right is right in the middle of the front or back window.  You are now at 45 degrees. DONE.  Then back up to clear, then crank the other way and back up until you're in the spot.

3. After she "taught" me, we switched spots and she did a few in the empty parking lot, working our way zig-zagging down a row of parking spaces.

4. Then we went to a parking lot with a few cars and practiced pulling up next to a parked car and then parallel parking into the space behind it, following these directions.  This let her practice getting that ideal starting spot: parallel to (not wonky), and about 3 feet away (not too close, not to far) with th back of the cars lined up.

5. Then we hit the streets and parked behind a few cars**. 

6. Eventuallly we found some spaces to try that had just one open place between two parked cars.

**We'd watched a video where the instructor pointed out that a road tests will almost never ask you to park in a single space between two cars...usually just behind one with at least 2 spaces clear behind it, so it was a good place to start our practice.

That was it. In about 90 minutes of practice, she nailed it consistently. Of the 20 or so times we practiced following those steps, she only had 1 that was a total wonky job b/c she started out too close to the reference car and 2 times (both early on) where she was a little far away from the curb but we could easily see that it was because she started out too far away from the reference car. Once she got the approach perfected, she got it right every single time. WAY easier than either of us had anticipated. I hope this is helpful to anyone else teaching their kid!

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  1. But remember! Five years from now, SHE can teach K.

    Down here in Texas, they don't actually park between cars. (Too hard to find such parking). Instead, they have posts at the testing bureau that are used to perform the parallel parking test. Couldn't hurt to double check that, because if the test is different, then Maryna might have problems. (I know I did 50 some odd years ago, and I didn't have any other translation type issues.