Friday, March 03, 2017

Bragging on a kid day:

One of the best best things about the vacation last week (Luquillo, PR) was spending a few hours alone doing a "walk-and-talk" with each kid. The grocery with one, the beach with another... it was un-interrupted time connecting with the kids and Rob that is just so hard to carve out at home.

Katie is my "first" (despite no longer being my oldest) and is the kid I have the most intuitive understanding for. In some ways this is bad--I tend to assume I know what she's thinking or feeling and when I'm wrong that's a mess! But most of the time I can just tell what's going on with her and what she needs in return.

She's incredibly strong in her convictions, brave and curious in her questions, kind and generous and compassionate with everyone she meets, clever but easily frustrated and discouraged when it's hard or less than perfect until she manages to push through, and always anxious and worried about something. And a voracious reader and craft-dabbler.

(In other words, she's all the good things I try to be and all the things I try to overcome in myself).

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