Thursday, December 08, 2016

A few quick reality checks:

1. Falling down in a hard belly-flop while ice-skating at age 39 is a bad idea.  For a few days after the fall, I was darn near certain I'd broken a rib or two and even went to the MD (Julie does not like going to the doctor) and got xrays, but all seems on the mend now, so I guess just a bumped myself up a bit.

2. I lit my hair on fire tonight attempting to stop and smell the candles.

3. Since early May I've had the equivilant of 2 full time jobs.  A full time teaching professor usually has 3-4 classes per semester and some minor committee work. A full time research professor usually has 2 classes per semester, some minor committee work, and the expectation of doing research.  In the summer, teaching faculty usually develop a new course; research faculty do a ton of research.  Since May I spent all summer developing a new course and doing research. Since August I've been teaching SEVEN(!!!) classes, committee work, research, appealing my tenure (no news), doing the job market (Things UnBloggable), and helping to herd these 4 children toward maturity and self-sufficiency despite their apparent best efforts the whole dang time to crash this bus into every tree we pass.


Undergraduate classes ended today. Grading out the wazoo, but otherwise DONE with three of my seven classes.  Graduate classes have one more week, so lectures Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and even MORE grading and then done done done. Doooooooonnnnnnne.


4. No news on tenure.  The appeals are proceeding, but everything is slow and it will likely be late spring before there is any actual news. Meanwhile, the job market for professor positions elsewhere is happening right this minute and I'm having to figure out what to do when schools say "so, would you take a job here if we offered one?" um....... um.....   no? Can you just hold that for me until May? No? Um....

5. Some days I don't mind it as much but OMG she still doesn't hardly talk at all.  Tonight I heard her walking down the stairs chatting with someone on the phone, but any attempts at conversation by us are greeted with shrugs and mute wide-eyes like the d**n little mermaid who just can't possibly make words come out.  Even simple stuff like "do you know where Dad is?" and it turns out he's just outside or at the grocery and everyone knew that. Over it today.  Three YEARS next week.  Three years.

6. Did I mention that since late Sept I have worked 7 days per week every single week except Thanksgiving? That's 61 of the last 68 days I have had some kind of teaching or other student-oriented requirement in addition to daily grading, planning, organizing; plus data collection, data entry, data analysis; plus reviewing journals and planning conferences; plus job applications and interviews... plus Rob's working 2 nights a week so parenting solo on those nights and there is one more week of this insanity.  He's stressed, too, and we're just done with this.

7. Auggie had his eye exam; no news.

8. Katie made the school spelling bee team (or something like that) and will be representing her school at the city or county level or something soon. There was a lot of excitement; I'll get more details as the dust settles.

9. I feel like at this point there should be 10 things on the list.

10. Christmas cards are going to be late, y'all.  Merry Christmas anyhow.

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