Sunday, December 18, 2016

48 hours...

We're 48 hours into Christmas break and I'm ready to ship all three littles off to a relative for the rest of it.  My gracious they are loud and annoying and break things quickly. There is never a break from someone whining, someone demanding more.  More time, more interaction, more referree-ing, more help, more attention, more reassurance, more rounds of the game, more space next to one of us, more more more.

I'm all out of more, guys.  I'm exhausted and burnt out and grumpy.  I'm poured out and empty. I have nothing left to give.  And yet there they are.  Take. Take take take.

I have worked so insanely hard and constantly for 4 straight months with no breaks and now everytime I peek my head up, there's a child (or four) ready to suck whatever little bit of energy I had ready to offer. I love them so much but oh my gosh I need a real actual break.  Grades are due for the undergraduates this week and graduates January 4 and I will be grading stuff a few hours each day until then.  Coincidentally the kids go back to school January 3.  I'm eyeing January fifth for a full-fledged guilt-free nap-day.

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