Monday, November 28, 2016

Every single shower-night (which is only about 2x a week because OMG who has time for nightly kid showers? Who? Nope.)

Anyhow, every single time it goes like this after a few casual reminders during the afternoon that there will be showers this evening.:

Parent at the end of dinner: Ok, kid showers tonight.
Boy-children:  Nooooo!  no!  Noooooo!  I don't want to! It will just take so long! I don't want to! Noooooo!

Younger Girl child: Ok. I call first upstairs. (and....end scene for girl child)

Boy children melting down.  Surely the shower is lava and needles.
Boy children continue melting down.  Threats. Bribes. More threats.
A Boy child eventually gets into the shower. Minutes pass.  More minutes.  Eventually a "Hey, buddy, 3 more minutes..." and then the wailing...

"But...I just got in here and it feels good!"

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