Thursday, October 27, 2016

No updates

We're just in stasis here...

  • Auggie's eye thing happens in a few more week. We generally forget where his (4 pair?) of glasses are at any time so we're pretty bad about patching his good eye.
  • No tenure updates; teaching 7 sections means 10 lectures per week plus 3 office hours and exhausted. Also appealing tenure, on the job market, and doing 2 new research projects. Nearly all of this falls under "Things Unbloggable" and yet manage to be all the thoughts..
  • Maryna still isn't talking.  Two solid years, no more than 5 words spoken per week to us. No one in the house has a name, ever. Chatty chatty chatty with friends, her therapist, her boyfriend...we're not worthy of words or names. It hurts every single day. I am jealous and angry and hurt hurt hurt. It's not about us, though, and I know that. But it sucks.  This also feels mostly like Things Unbloggable and consumes me daily and nightly. 
  • Katie's anxiety and stress about deadlines and school is a daily struggle for sanity.
  • Jorge. Dear God please pour the strength into me to allow this child to grow into the incredible human he has the potential to be without killing either of us.
  • Rob is teaching and crafting and keeps this place afloat (when he's not wiped out himself).
The election pours a big cloud of frustration and negativity over everything else.  The weather is turning cold and dark and snowy (snow! this morning! augh!). I'm teaching or working 7 days per week (literally.  Teaching Sat/Sun/Tu/W/Th and working on research and writing M/F) And it will continue until Dec 17. 

There are bright spots.  Friday of last week Rob went to work with me and helped me run a big activity for 10 hours (minus some time super-dadding through the day). We then went out for happy hour with four other work friends and laughed until we nearly fell asleep in our chicken wings.  That time together enjoying not just each other but each-other-with-other-people was an amazing refresher. Our stories were funny again, we actually shared the experience of hearing other people's stories, and we laughed with each other for the first time in a long time. 

The kids are alright.  We're alright. I just need anything on that list to be resolved and not be dragging on for 7-8 more weeks.


  1. Life is hard. You are doing the right things! Persevering. Believing. In the midst, we don't always see the plan. But it's there. I will be praying.

    Jennifer M., who needed to hear that today, too.

  2. Good. Glory. Praying for you, as always, but with more specifics now. Love you lady.