Wednesday, September 14, 2016

School Year

 All four kids have officially been in school for a week.  Life at home is starting to look a little bit less like a war zone, although homework and projects are creating a stresser for the girls.
Maryna is, of course, in high school which is the most homework of any part of school, I think.  More than they get in college in my experience (though all the teachers insist that it's just practice for when the really tough workload starts in college...) We're getting through it with some sanity left, for now.

Katie's school has exceptionally little homework compared to most, but by 6th grade they do start to put more deadlines into the kids' lives to give them time management practice. She has small projects due nearly every week. If she uses her time at school wisely she doesn't necessarily have to work on them at home, but they do have to be done eventually.  Katie's never been a procrastinator, so if a project is assigned today and due late next week, you can expect she'll be nearly in tears trying to get it all done tonight, now, before bed.

Jorge has moved up into the upper elementary room with Katie, but they run in pretty different circles.  During morning work block, they mostly work at their own table areas and the teachers wisely put them as far apart as possible so Katie won't mother-hen on Jorge and he won't be distracted looking at her. Afternoons are broken out by grade level a bit more, with (for example) 5th and 6th graders doing fitness while 4th and 3rd do music, then switch on a different day, add in things like French, "Great Books" (book club), advanced math lessons, etc. and they often connect in the car as if they had hardly seen each other all day.  They do have lunch, recess, and some other whole-class activities together, but they're not in each other's way.

August has moved up to first grade and loves it.  He is getting challenging works and seeing the older kids and just happy to be learning every day.  Little stubborn ball of sunshine.

As for the grownups, we DO have an insane amount of homework: grading, test writing, answering every student's request for "just a few quick questions", lecture planning and more.  It all gets done and occasionally we sleep. The end.

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