Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pain and suffering

Ok, I'll admit that might be a bit dramatic.

Things here have been a little off for a while.

My neck and shoulder have been a source of nearly constant pain.  I saw two massage therapists in a week last winter and then a chiropractor for several months.  Overall diagnosis was that my muscles in my left shoulder were super tight for some reason and were pulling my spine to the left.  My spine was distinctly off center and it was causing a lot of muscles to have to work in strange ways to compensate. So we did massage to loosen the muscle, then chiro to push the spine back toward the right spot, then more massage to keep the muscles from pulling on it and repeat. Despite looking at everything I do--how I sleep, drive, carry my bag, sit, teach--we never did figure out clear cause. Eventually it got better, but earlier this summer it flared back up.  Several rounds into the massage and she's now thinking I have "frozen shoulder." Super.  So, another long round of stretching, massaging, and trying to un-crunk this thing.

In other wayyyy-too-much-information news, I have had a wart on my right foot for (not even kidding) 14 years. I've had it frozen off at the doctor, tried every off-the-shelf treatment (alone and combined), tried every at-home trick...nothing. It doesn't get any worse, but it never gets better. It's just always always there.  Two weeks ago I decided I was going to give it a focused-super-effort. I combined several at-home tricks and went full-offensive on it.  Every second of the day and night something was on that thing--mostly a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar held in place by a band-aid or duct tape, but occasionally an aspirin.  It cause intense horrible pain.  I woke up in the night with my foot feeling like someone was twisting a screw right through and into the bones, keeping me awake for hours. I have not been able to walk on it for several days now, and instead I hobble around on the side of my foot. It swelled up, turned black, seemed to swell more each day. It's nearly all I can think about--this burning, stinging, sharp spot in the ball of my foot. But today--today my friends--was my victory.  Today it fell out. (as I was changing the band-aid; have no fear, it's appropriately disposed of with gagging included and is not lurking around somewhere unknown) It's gone.  It's so extremely gross I'm horrified by it, but I. AM. VICTORIOUS.  My foot still burns like a branding iron is jammed into it and there's a literal hole in my foot big enough to fit a pencil eraser in (ewwwww) but it's GONE.

There have been a few other achey miseries this week, too, which has led to restless nights, constant Advil, pharmaceuticals, and occasional tears.  But recovery will be mine.

Whine whine whine.

As soon as this hole in my foot clears up, I'm getting a pedicure.


  1. Michelle Fries8/25/2016 7:44 PM

    Evan had a wart on his foot. One morning, he met me in the hallway, obviously upset, and said "Mommy, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is I got the wart out. The bad news is I think I see bone." (He didn't see bone, but those things are deep!) He followed it, when I was examining him, with "It's okay Mommy, don't cry, because I already have prayed a whooooole lot of times for God to please heal me, and I think He is already starting to."
    It never came back so hopefully yours is now gone for good too!

    1. Good for him! Katie had one that just fell out, too. This one was so stubborn!! It was freaky how deep that hole was into my foot! Hope we're wart free from now on.

  2. It all sounds painful & annoying. Ben has a recurring wart on his right foot. We've only used wart pads on it do far, but I think next time we try the freeze thing. At least it doesn't bother him a lot. Paul & I have the joint problems going on. Good luck!

    1. Freezing didn't do much for mine. I had one on my heel when I was in middle school and freezing took it right off, so hopefully young bodies work more efficiently.