Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to normal, bit by bit

The foot is healed enough to not freak out anyone, so a pedicure happened today.  So did a manicure and a hair cut.

School starts back up tomorrow for  me.  Rob started his class last week.  The kids start next week: Tuesday (boys), Wednesday (Katie) and Thursday (Maryna). Eventually this circus will be corralled back to the routine in which we aren't all ready to duct tape each other's mouths shut by mid-afternoon.

Not that it has actually happened.  Usually we manage to delay drastic things like that until at least dinner time.

Kidding.  Kidding.


  1. Glad your foot is better.

    Does this mean that Katie is in middle/junior high school now?

    Hope everything else is looking up as well.

    1. Katie's in her final year at the elementary school. With the multi-grade classroom, Katie has the same teachers and room as last year. But Jorge is moving into a new room (Katie's room, as a matter of fact!) and August is moving up into a Grades 1-3 room, so they both have orientation to their new classrooms and teachers on Tuesday before the official start Wednesday.

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