Monday, June 06, 2016


Auggie started school about 15 minutes ago, and yet he graduated last weekend.

Being our 3rd round of this, we were prepared for the tear-filled slideshow with pictures showing him from a fluffy-headed three year old to a still fluffy-headed five year old.

He has been a challenging student to these two wonderful teachers.  He marches to his own drum and occasionally also sings along. He's crazy bright at the academics, but a bit of a mess with self-control and focus.  We are so grateful to his teachers who reached out to us everytime he had a fall-apart day (um, several times each week) and tried 100 new things per month to keep him focused and engaged. When they called his name at graduation, both teachers teared up as Auggie stood and shook their hands and then gave them his famous Auggie-kissuggles.

He's pure love, this one, and we're so glad that they could see and celebrate that truth buried inside the chattery and distractable fluffy-headed opinionated dreamer.

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