Friday, June 10, 2016

Dear Katie, on turning 11

Sweetest Katie May,

Can I indulge yet again in some mopey-mommy feelings about how fast this has gone?  The mixture of pictures here is exactly how I see you.  The same sweet girl-- always quiet and thoughtful, happy and excited, observant, supportive, encouraging, brave, and persistent--but just a blur of ages.  You are all of these at once, from a sacked out baby in my arms to a wall-climbing ballerina to this beautiful, tall, scientific artist at eleven.


You've grown and matured so much in the past few years and you are now in that perfect age of "big kid."  You are old enough to do lots of cool stuff but young enough to still get away with playing on playgrounds or giggling like a maniac for no clear reason. You are so comfortable with who you are, what you want, and making it happen.  You care deeply about other people's feelings, but not too much about their opinions. You would give your right arm to help someone in need, but wouldn't change a hair on your head to make someone like you for anything other than who you are. You fight for justice and equal opportunity and understanding.  You are so sensitive to the hurts in this world.  Your heart breaks for the broken and weeps for the hurting. You are a selfless crusader.

You are a bookworm, a math-nerd, a scientist of every stripe, an artist, a talker, a philosopher, a dreamer, a crafter, a nature-lover, an animal advocate, a perfectionist, a helper, an observer, a student of all things, a friend to all, a kind sister, a loving and appreciative daughter, a hilarious niece and cousin, and and a beloved grandaughter.  Happy 11th birthday, my darling Katie.  May you continue to grow in your confident wonderful self!


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