Friday, January 01, 2016


Rob: All good.  He topped his 2014 sales on his etsy page which allowed us to make a great donation to NHFC and support several families in hosting.  He might be teaching in the spring semester but we'll find out about a week before classes start.

Julie: Tunure decision starts being made in January.  I've reached a state of zen.  If it happens, wonderful.  If not, next chapter.  I got positive news on a paper earlier this week so I'm feeling moderately optimistic.

M (17): There are way more good days than bad, but there are still challenges, resistence, and general adjustment hurdles. School is going well with mostly A's and B's except the two classes she's building advanced topics onto almost zero foundation (math and science) so we're trying to figure out what to do there. Friends, driving, a social life, and more family time are all big improvements.

K (10): Still our sensitive perfectionist with high anxiety.  She's struggling to balance the expectations of her friends with her own interests and I'm always so proud of how she stays true to herself while being kind. She excels at anything she sets her mind to; but also only sets her mind to things she quickly masters so there's some comfort-zone pushing to do there.

J (9 next month): When he's good he's very very good and when he's bad ....  ooof.  He's had more meltdowns this month than anyone can tolerate, but he's also hyper-helpful and kind when he's not impossible.

A (5): Never ever ever stops talking, hugging, loving, kissing, climbing, asking, doing.  His apnea is a little better now that he's been on the nasal steroid for a few months. He's learning math and reading at an incredible pace and his writing is getting a lot better.  He's making cards for everyone these days.

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