Friday, October 30, 2015


For months now, whenever someone asks August his age, his answer (5) is typically met with "oh, so are you in Kindergarten this year?"  And then there's a long pause while he ponders the identity crises he's been having ever since he was demoted out of the Kindergarten cohort.

"It's complicated."

A few weeks ago we met with the pediatrician and specialist, had x-rays, and then started him on a nasal inhalant steroid to see if we could resolve the apnea by shrinking the slightly enlarged adenoids. Two weeks in, he still stops breathing 100 times each night, but not 500, so that's something. Mornings are less rag-doll-and-whining and more distracted-and-unmotivated, which is a huge improvement.

Today we had his parent teacher conferences and the verdict was--in short--that he'll be considered a "3rd year" this year, which is Montessori-speak for Kindergarten.  He's thrilled.

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