Saturday, October 03, 2015


It's appropriate that high school homecoming is just a few days after the anniversary of her homecoming to America.  We celebrated her one year anniversary at her favorite restaurant: Cheesecake Factory.  There was laughter and teasing and complete silliness.  And to her total surprise, awaiting her at home was a much desired giant teddy bear.

Because our home, this house, and America have become simply home. And there's love and laughter and joy here every day.

It's shocking how much has changed in the last month.  School kicked off and language took off with it.  Social interaction came along for the ride and suddenly there are friends and texting and a cell phone and plans to attend the homecoming dance with friends.

We spent literally every night of this week at the mall trying to find a dress, shoes, and jewelry.  Nerves were high and styles are all terrible right now (everything is black or dark blue or red or white; nearly everything is strapless and most is barely 12 inches long) but we finally found something we both liked (note: we found almost nothing she liked and a few I thought would maybe be ok but she dismissed.)  It is pink and pretty and there were gold glittery shoes and gold jewelry and funky pink nails. There was singing along to the radio as she got ready; and excitedly welcoming her friend over hours early so they could get ready together.

This is her life. It's her song.  After a year of muting it, it's suddenly playing at full volume and I'm in tears because it's so beautiful and so welcome.

We took photos and I mama-beared her into eating a little something. She drove us to the school and then parked in the drop-off so I could hop to the driver's seat and she and her friend could dart through the cool October night into the gym. They had their phones and tickets and the pure hope and joy of two teenage girls about to go do something fun that they'd spent all day looking forward to doing. I watched her turn and smile at her friend, laugh, and shoot a final smile at me before they stepped out of the light from the lamp post and turned into silhouettes from the school doors.

Eleven months of waiting has finally blossomed into this girl I'm so happy to meet.  She's funny and smart and saucy and opinionated and kind and clever and all the good things.  I'm so glad the world gets to know her, too.

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