Saturday, September 12, 2015

Oops we did it again..

Last fall when Maryna started highschool, she came home with a packet of English words with instructions to translate each word into her native language so she could begin learning all of them.  We sat for hours and hours and did 14 notebook pages of words. The next day she found out that it wasn't actually an assignment, just a resource.  Oops.

This week Maryna started another year of high school classes. She came home from her first day of Algebra with an 8 page packet of examples and problems.  I love love love algebra and do it for fun and have taught it to high schoolers in both advanced and remedial classes and to our 3 little kids and tutored it throughout undergraduate so I sat down with a fair bit of excitement to work through it with her.

She didnt' get it at first.  I thought she'd had more math background but her reactions to some ideas was not "I don't really remember this very well" or "I never quite understood this" but "what the heck are you doing?"  So we backed up, came at some ideas more slowly, until she was confident in them. We got the entire packet done in about four hours.

Four hours!

I don't mind doing homework help, but honestly: if this trend holds for algebra and biology and health we can't budget 12 hours per night.

So you can imagine our collective household glee when she came home from her next algebra class and announced that the teacher picked up the lecture mid-packet and only got part way through again.  She's still at least one full lecture ahead of the class and, with my lessons, she understood everything the teacher said without feeling the least bit overwhelmed. I'm thinking we'll continue this--I'll boot-camp style homeschool every week or two when she gets a new packet and then she'll coast and review during class lectures.  Whew!

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