Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Half way!

Sprinting through this week!

Monday: dentist appointments for me and Maryna, school to turn in my tenure packet, meet with students, prep my materials for Tuesday.

Tuesday: teach all day.  Ok, so it was really only 3 hours but that was three really energetic hours of talking and pacing.  I feel like I did 2 hours of Zumba.  Also organized a series of talks for the semester and did one of the two reviews I need to do this week (this means reading someone else's 30-40 page masterpiece project and telling them why they're stupid and awful.  It takes hours and hours and hours).

Weds: another dentist appointment for Maryna, a screaming angry Jorge, back to work.  Locked my keys in the car and had a dead phone battery before I even left the house, so, blah.  Still dealing with angry kids.  Tonight I still need to do another review and figure out what we're talking about in my lectures tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday (tomorrow) more teaching, enrolling some students that are currently wait-listed, dealing with job stuff.

Friday -- dare to dream, taking the first day off in about 15 consecutive days of working so we can go to the Great New York State Fair (yes, that's what it's called here).

Weekend -- do research on my paper.  We need to get that out to a journal and into the hands of people that will spend hours and hours telling us why our year of effort is insufficient.

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