Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Monday we tie-dyed 2 shirts each.  Tuesday we washed and dried.  Wednesday the whole crew wore coordinating tie-dyed t-shirts for their first days of school.

Huge. Giant. FINALLY.

This was a long summer, and yet we didn't do much of anything.  We'd hoped for a family vacation to a beach or Chicago or several other ideas, but nothing managed to work.  We did a trip to Ohio where the 3 younger kids stayed for a week but the rest of us came back for laying around the house and work.  Katie and Jorge did a week of sleep-away camp.  The three younger kids did VBS. The whole crew went to Toronto.  Maryna got her driver's permit and drove nearly every day for two solid months. We had attempts at mini-golf and an evening at a beach and bike rides and skate boarding and bowling and the state fair and fishing...just not much of a single big "that was the summer we...." memory.  Maybe we'll smoosh something  into the next few weeks before the temperatures drop and school work completely takes over.

School kicked off today.  Maryna was listed as 12th grade, arrived at an orientation event Tuesday night to see she was listed as 11th grade, and went to school today to see she was enrolled as 10th grade.  Disappointment for her, but she needs to earn 22 full year credits (44 semester's worth of credits) and it will likely take her 2.5-3 years to fill out her full transcript; graduating at nearly 20.  She has an aggressive schedule this semester and we're already logging full shifts of homework, but if we stay on top of it (ha ha ha ha ha) it should be fine. (ha!)

On the other end, August thought he was going into K and was disappointed when we said he's officially a pre-school2 kid.  Academically he's ready for K, but his attention and self-control are a mess.  He ignores instruction, flops around, distracts others, uses materials incorrectly (e.g. throws the beads that are for doing math work across the room), and whines when he's the least bit frustrated, bored, or otherwise disinterested in finishing something. Last spring the school arranged a meeting for us to discuss his behavior and that while he was too young to diagnose ADHD and he may outgrow it, he was on the immature side and showed a lot of warning signs.  We took it in stride.

Then this summer we realized he doesn't seem to be very good at the whole "breathing and keep breathing" thing that humans should do. He seems to have sleep apnea...while sleeping, about every 5 minutes he holds his breath and stops breathing for 1-2 minutes.  In the night with the air conditioner on his body gets cool.  Nothing destroys a mama like reaching over to her sweet sleeping baby and finding him ice cold and not breathing.  YIKES!  I wiggle his arm, he gasps a big intake, and we repeat in a few minutes.  So, other than pre-maturely aging me every night and potential health issues for him, a common symptom for kids that get crappy oxygen-deprived sleep every single night is a lack of self-control and low ability to pay attention.  Hm....  We have a consult to get into a sleep center and treat the apnea (probably tonsils out) and are hopeful that it might result in better rest and a little jump in his behavioral maturity.

But for now, he's pre-k.  Thankfully at the Montessori he's in the 3,4,5 year old room so if he does have a maturity leap, they can just change his title to K and he stays in the same room with the same teacher and kids but starts hanging out with the other "K" kids and doing their activities more than the pre-k kids.

The other two are fine.  Katie was terrified of her first day and freaked out a lot but ended up loving it of course.  Jorge is a senior student in his classroom and a mentor to the entering first graders so he's loving the responsibility and attention that comes with that.  His teacher called as we were driving home to report on what a good day he had.  His two best friends left for different schools this year.  We'll miss their families and Jorge will miss his buddies, but the lack of distraction in the classroom will hopefully be a big help this year. all four are tucked in and prepared for tomorrow...and it's time for mama to get her own work done.

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