Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's not that I don't LOVE those kids...

...but in the past 4 days...
1. Rob painted the garage.
2. Rob installed gutters on the garage.
3. We cleaned the house on Tuesday and it's still clean.
4. We have only had to run the dishwasher twice.
5. We have only had to do laundry once since the big "home from vacation" unpack-and-wash on Tuesday.
6. I've had more heart-to-heart moments with Maryna than in 10 months combined.
7. We've eaten at 3 restaurants, all after 7:30 PM.
8. Mini-golf.
9. I'm sewing in the dining room undisturbed.
10. I taught Maryna to knit.
11. We have watched 36 episdoes of GLEE and still going.
12. Popcorn for dinner.
13. I managed to work 35 hours in 4 days all from home and get a ton done.
14. Did my nails and they still look nice (ish).
15. I've had to hand-wash a few dishes because the dishwasher just isn't full enough to run yet and I need something.
16. Uninterrupted shower.
17. Sleep.  Oh sweet glorious amazing beautiful delicious sleep.
18. I finished a book and started another.
19. Almost no grocery runs.  Ok, so two.  But I think if the main purpose of the grocery run is more chocolate for laying on the couch and watching Netflix, it doesn't really count as an errand.
20. I peeled and chopped 12 potatoes this afternoon and not one person felt the need to demand to help and then wave a knife around like a magic wand.
21. We cleaned the toys out of the yard on Tuesday and it's still presentable.

And, seriously, my kids are great.  They're huge helpers, they are pretty responsible (never mind the wadded up toilet paper I found paper-mache-ed to the shower wall.  Or the three mismatched socks I found under the couch.  Or the 2 cloth napkins jammed behind the dryer.  Or the  gigantic mess that was my sewing room tables and floor.  Or Legos freaking EVERYWHERE in this house.  Or the pens and markers left under the couches and tables and on the stairs and behind the heaters.  Or the books with used tissues shoved in them as bookmarks.  Or the underwear under the bed.  Or the broken hanger art installation on the closet floor.  Or the game pieces to various games found behind various heaters and furniture.  Or the puzzle piece --just one--on the basement floor.  Or candy wrappers behind the washing machine.  Or the fact that there's never pillow cases or sheets on Jorge's bed, no matter how often I replace them, they just evaporate, apparently.  And the q-tips and floss-wands all over the bathroom floor.  And toothpaste on the sink.  And nail clippers that disappear for weeks at a time, along with flashlights and markers and scotch tape and staplers... )

**Big calming breaths**

Where was I?  Right, my kids are pretty responsible and work hard.  They're  Wow did we need this break.  Thanks mom and dad.

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