Saturday, August 22, 2015

I refuse to get derailed.

This morning, I started the dishwasher and was finishing up some counter-wiping when I heard what sounded like a bucket of water dumped/dropped from up high. I assumed the dishwasher did something strange, but no water was leaking out so I figured a dish tipped over inside.

Twenty minutes later I walked into the garage to find a 4'x4' window had just fallen out of the wall and smashed into a billion pieces on the concrete floor.

In other smashing news (see what I did there?) a teenage girl from our church has reached out to M a few times to ask her to go hang out at the mall.  M has mostly handled this with excuses and avoidance. She's so uncomfortable in social settings. But on Thursday the girl's mom sent me a message asking if M could please go on Friday. I offered to drive both girls and hang out with them, figuring I'd do that until I knew M was comfortable and then I'd make an excuse to go sit with a coffee in the food court area for awhile.  She agreed!  In the end, the other mom came, too, and we all walked into the mall together.  Almost immediately the two teens headed off to look at jewelry and clearance clothes while the other mom and I walked around for about 45 minutes just chatting.  It was about an hour total, but it was a good dip into the socializing pool.

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