Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Life gets stressful here on a fairly regular basis, but this week...this week is killing me.

Monday, Aug 31, my tenure packet is due.  I am up for review this year and if it goes well I have tenure and a job for life.  If it goes badly I have no job at all.  There's no in between, and right now most early feedback is discouraging.  I have until January to make edits and updates and I have two (maybe three?) major projects that could swing that vote around completely.  Or we may be uprooting onto our next adventure one year from now.  My materials so far include my 4 page "CV" (resume), a 28 page summary of my career, and a file-box containing 29 folders with publications, working papers, letters of recommendation, thank you letters from students, and so much more.  If those two projects come back successful that will tip the scales decidedly in my favor.

Monday, Aug 31, my syllabus for my class is also due.  It's in a shambles and I'm re-designing it with big intentions of having it done by Friday. Or at least a skeleton of it and I'll pretend it was my intention all along to hand out the real deal a week later.

Tuesday, Sept 1, I have two other major projects due. Because life.

One of those major projects for the tenure case is a paper I've been working on with my co-authors for nearly 11 months. We're soooo close to being done and it should be my top priority because every day counts on getting that back to the editors and reviewers...but Monday and Tuesday's deadlines really can't be procrastinated anymore so it keeps getting moved down on the list.

Other random work stuff: Wednesday I have to judge a case competition. Thursday I have to attend a 2 hour convocation ceremony welcoming students back to campus. Friday there's a planning meeting for the lab I co-manage.

Life goes on and so this week in preparation for my first professional appearances in 4 months I had to get a haircut since my last one was in May.  Monday, Aug 31, I have a dentist appointment.  Friday of this week has a medical appointment for one of our girls and, since they're getting older, it's nicer if mom is there.

This weekend will likely be completely absorbed with work stuff.  The kids don't start back to school for another two full weeks.

And Rob still has bronchitis.  And Maryna is still not talking.  And August is still off the walls most of the time. And Katie and Jorge are amazingly easy this week (hallelujah, take a win where we can).

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  1. Good. Glory.

    Praying for you all day and week. Because Luke 1:37 KJV.