Wednesday, August 12, 2015

All the Things*

I realize that only about 2 people check this anymore (Hi you!) and so no one probably notices when I fall off the planet, but, um, hi!

There's no way around this. It's list-icle time.

1. Maryna got her driver's permit and has been driving everywhere and anywhere.  Last weekend she logged almost 700 miles as we drove to Ohio and back.  This included beautiful sunny daytime driving, daytime drizzle, daytime downpour, nighttime, nighttime drizzle, and nighttime downpour and then all of those crossed with construction.  She drove on the interstate in construction in the rain at night through major cities.  So, yea, she's good.  But NY has a mandatory 6 month permit period so she can't take her test until January and that's just fine by me.  She also needs practice in snow, ice, and my personal hell: snow at night.
Shoot me now.
We've also made it quite clear that she can not get her driver's license and drive alone until she's speaking English well enough that we trust she can handle herself if she gets lost, pops a tire, gets pulled over by the police, has a minor accident, etc. So, 5 more months or forever.

2. English is still not happening.  Understanding it, reading, even writing are fine but speaking is a no-go. It's a big solid wall.  I picture this giant brick wall between us and every day I push and push on one brick until it moves about 1/4".  After a week or so we almost get a brick out, only to discover it's actually about 4 layers deep.  But slowly slowly slowly we're getting tiny peeks inside. Sometimes I imagine it's a giant ice wall and I'm melting my way through with matches. Drip.  Drip.


3. Katie and Jorge went off to summer camp for a full week.  They had great weather and made good friends and had a ball.  Unexpectedly, there was a swimming test at drop-off and the kids tested into Red-Cross level 3 (Katie) and 2 (Jorge), and then they had a 45 minute swimming lesson each day to work on moving up to next levels.  Katie hated that (swim lessons are hard enough, but in a cold choppy lake was really hard for her), but otherwise both loved camp.  We sent them with pre-addressed and stamped envelopes.  Mid week we got a letter from each.  Katie's filled 2 pages with all the things she was doing, her friends, her panic about the Thursday-night dance she hadn't packed a dress for, and more.  Jorge's said simply "Camp is AWESOME!!!!!!!  Love, Jorge".  That sums it up.

4. The three younger kids also went to vacation bible school for a week.  As always, they loved it and our house is humming with Hometown Nazereth songs.

5. We finally celebrated Maryna's 17th birthday.  Her birthday is May 29.  Last year she arrived for the summer just a few days past her 16th birthday, so we had a belated 16+1 party on June 29.  This year, we were in Ukraine for her actual birthday, then Canada on June 29, so we put it off to July 29.  New rule: birthdays every 13 months in America.  So on July 29 we decorated the house with banners and balloons, I took the girls for manicures, and we had Rob's sister and aunt over for cake. It was a fun day.

6. We hosted a Russian-speaking Latvian chaperone through the New Horizons for Children program (the same program we met Maryna through).  She stayed with us for a few days in late July.  One of her wishes was to see Niagara Falls so we made our 5th trip in less than a year.  It was just me and the two Russian speakers, so we had a lot of fun and laughs with no responsibilties.

7. Last weekend my baby sister's baby boy was baptized.  Rob and I were honored to be the godparents, so we were anxiously waiting to go meet the new baby.  He did not disappoint!  Such a sweet, cuddly, smoochable lovebug!  It was hard to put him down and several of us were fighting over him all weekend (mostly us girls).

8. This week all three little kids are staying at Camp Farm (my parents' house) so just Rob, Maryna, and I are enjoying a quiet house that stays fairly clean.  Ahhhhh.  We'll miss the little ones eventually, but for now the silence, solid nights of sleep, and no screaming tantrums is just incredible.  Is this how normal people live?  Because you all should appreciate your life more if it is.

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  1. When I read this:

    "I realize that only about 2 people check this anymore (Hi you!) and so no one probably notices when I fall off the planet, but, um, hi!"

    I was afraid that you were going to announce a cessation of your pages.
    I linked to your pages when Katie was maybe 2ish, from the page of a lady who had a son Katie's age. There were some back and forth posts and pictures of the children playing together. Then life got in the way and she stopped writing, but I kept following you. I am in Texas, and have never met any of you, but so enjoy reading how you attack life with your family. If/when the time comes that life dictates that this is something that prevents more important issues from happening, I will miss reading and learning.

    Practicing the English. Can you find some mutually agreeable songs that she could listen to/memorize? Maybe if she got comfortable singing the words (even to herself) she might make a break thru to knock down some of those brick walls.

    1. That was probably Briana. We've been friends (in real life!) for years but, yes, she stopped blogging after a few months. I intend to keep doing this forever, as long as no one minds me disappearing for weeks at a time when life gets into the "Things Unbloggable" area too much. With a newly adopted adjusting teenager, most of the stuff that takes up my brain space is in that category, unfortunately!