Monday, July 13, 2015

Toronto: Late June

I had a work trip to Toronto in late June and brought the whole family for a 4 day - 3 night adventure.  I was stuck in meetings most of the first 2 days and part of the 3rd, and we drove back the last day...but Rob and the kids managed to fit in a lot of fun and I tagged along anytime I could.

Highlights: the ferry to Centre Island put us in a perfect view of the skyline with the CN Tower.

Pretty bridges and photogenic girls go together.  A certain son was extremely pouty at this point.

Living garden maze.  A certain child may have been mopey here and most of the rest of this day.

After the island we stopped for dinner and then walked past the CN Tower.  It was a clear night and so we splurged on the Trip to the Top.  Jorge developed a sudden paralyzing fear of heights, but otherwise it was pretty cool.  We sat on the glass floor, which puts you floating 1000+feet in the air.

Just outside the CN Tower is Ripley's Aquarium.  We walked through under-water tunnels and saw sharks and sea turtles swimming above and around us, pet sting rays, pet a tiny shark, saw shark babies in their eggs, saw a billion jellyfish, and generally got our geek on.

The next day we headed home.  Shortly after we crossed into America we were all hungry and thirsty.  Knowing we'd pay just as much for fast food, we pulled off to Niagara Falls and ate at the Top of the Falls restaurant.  When we came out, it was raining so we just headed back to the car -- didn't even go see the falls.  We're a bit spoiled since we get to visit it 3-4 times each summer.  Blowing bubbles was oddly fascinating.

Overall it was crazy expensive but memorable.  I've said it many times -- with 6 personalities, getting everyone in a good mood is like rolling a yahtzee of 6's.  Most of the time we're all normal, someone is having a great day, and at least one person is convinced that life is terrible. It varies by day which of us is miserable, but someone always is.  It just really stinks when that reality happens on vacations.  Thanks, mom and dad, for not reminding me how often I managed to drama-queen crazy-cake all over the family vacations when I was a teen...I know.  I know.

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