Thursday, June 18, 2015

Interview with August: age "4 and and a half and 2 months from 5."

August at 4years 10 months

What is your favorite food?  Um.....spaghetti? with sauce? and butter.
What is your favorite song to sing? I don't know.  because I have a new song.  Oh, it's a song from ant-world.  And you don't really know it.  (how do YOU know it?) because I made the movie!  It's called Anty goes to explore. And it's not a person, it's an ant.  Because ant world is about ants.  There's no humans in it.
What is your favorite song to listen to? Probably the same song I like to sing.
What is your favorite movie? Mader Tall Tales
If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? a giraffe
What is your favorite color? um, all the colors except dark green and dark brown.  But light green??? Reallllly nice.  Right mama?  Just not like, black. Because I do not like black.  But I DO like silvery gray.  I do like most colors.  Right mama? right mama? Because I am really cute.  If I have a black shirt, I'd still like to have it on. Ok?  Red is nice to have.
If you could pick one vegetable for us to never eat again, what would it be? Um...turnip?  I mean radish.
What is your favorite book? Sesame, probably?  Or the counting pig book.
Where would you like to go on a vacation? Um, camp?
Who is your best friend? Betty!
What do you like to do with this friend? I don't know that much.  But when she was in Oak, then I liked to work together with her.
What is your favorite outfit? I don't really know, yet, but soon I will.
Can you tell me a joke that you like? [laughs]...ok...I know a joke that I really like.  But I don't know what it's called, but I know how almost all of it goes.

Aren't you glad I didn't say banana?

That's what I call it.
Fairies or Princesses?  what are you asking about? Um...princesses...? I mean fairies, because they can fly and princess can not fly.
Favorite Flower? Rose
Favorite Bird? blue jay
Favorite Butterfly? monarch
Favorite Season? fall
Favorite work at School? um, papercutting
Favorite Dinosaur? T-Rex.
What do you think are three words that describe you? [long conversation about what describe means].. I am kind of tall, and I am really funny, and I talk a lot.
What do you want to be when you grow up? a cook.
Anything else you want to share? I don't really know.

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