Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The dress for the trip is purchased.  We settled on jewelry earlier this week.  All that's left to find are shoes.  The dress is a floor length ball-gown pouf, so really, the shoes are pointless.  No one will see them.  They simply need to be comfortable enough to wear all day and night without ruining her groove and protect her feet during all of the "walking around outside parts" of the night.   She has cute flats that would look fine even if they did peek out, but she really really wants heels.

Light pink heels.

With closed toes.

These do not exist in any stores.  This weekend we spent 2 hours at the mall and went to DSW, Off Broadway, Famous, Payless, and the shoe departments of Penneys, Macys, Burlington, and TJ Maxx.  Nothing fit those three simple criteria.  We found dozens of light pink open-toed shoes (no.) and dozens of cute closed toe pink flats (No.) and a handful of cute closed toes shoes in biege and silver (no.) but nothing hit the trifecta.  The weekend went downhill from there and frankly I refuse to engage in this as a dramatic disaster because she has perfectly fine shoes she can wear already.  We have about $30 left in the "dress, jewelry, shoes" part of the budget so I'm willing to buy them if we find something in that price range, but not willing to act like it's the end of the world.

So Monday I found about 8 pairs of cute closed toe mid-height heel light pink shoes online in our price range and sent her the links.  She liked two of them and I said we could look at them together that night on one condition: She had to ask me about shoes in English.  Nothing fancy, just "shoes please" or "shoes?" or "see now?" would work.  Nope, refused.  Repeat tonight.  I'm holding out. She doesn't need these shoes, she wants them.  And for a "want", the least I expect is for her to put in the effort to speak a word of English to my face. There's a huge mental and emotional battle going on behind the scenes that I can only imagine, but they are optional shoes and I'll wait it out.


  1. this is an oldfashioned solution, but would buying the style she likes in another color and then having them died pink work?

    1. that probably should have been "dyed".

    2. I've looked everywhere for the old "dye them to match" satin shoes. Payless always had those when I was a teen. No one had them anywhere.

  2. Shoe shopping is either complete win or tragic miss. I find what I want plus three other adorable pairs or nothing, nothing, nothing. Good luck. Your request is reasonable.