Tuesday, May 12, 2015


For me.  Rob still has this week.  And the kids have at least a month.  But my grades are in and I'm done with all things classroom.

A short list of what still has to happen this summer for my job, though:
1. Analyze data for paper #1.  Update that paper's results section and all other minor edits requested by reviewers.  Submit that paper.  (estimated 80 hours of work; goal: mid June)
2. Fix paper #2 per reviewers' requests.  (estimated 50 hours of work.  Goal: mid June)
3. Analyze data for paper #3.  Prepare a mind-blowingly good 30 minute presentation on this. Also write this paper and submit it.  (estimated 200 hours on this.  Presentation due end of June.  Paper goal end of June).
4. Work with co-author on paper #4.  Not sure this will happen.  (estimate 60 hours.  Goal: last month)..
5. Attend 3 day conference in June.  Attend and present at another 3 day conference in June. (see #3).
6. Prepare about 400 pages of documentation (completely not exaggerating) about every professional thing I've done in the past 7 years and organize it into a file box but also a 50 page packet and several 2-3 page summary statements about my philosophies on life, research, teaching, and students.  (estimate: 75 hours.  Due mid August)
7. Research and prepare a short list of people that would write letters of recommendation for me. (20 hours) (Spent all day Monday and Tuesday on this; almost done)
8. Prepare my class listings for the fall-- plan all assignments, tests, projects, etc through the end of the semester, all due one week before classes actually start (70 hours, due mid August).

I think that's it?  Sadly that adds up to about 14 weeks of full time work, crammed into exactly 14 weeks of summer.  Squeezing at least 1 week of traveling with Maryna and one very hopeful week of vacationing with the family into there, means long long days ahead.

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