Monday, May 18, 2015

Gratitude: day 1

Jill suggested a prayer exercise in which all prayers for a week are focused on gratitude and thanksgiving rather than requests and complaints.  Frankly, it's been tough here for a few weeks and I still need prayers for help and sanity every hour of the day, but going to focus on some serious positive perspective.

Going to get all the obvious ones today:

My amazing husband, my beautiful kids, their teachers who obviously care about them so much and work with us to make every interaction valuable, my job that I mostly love when it's not so stressful and which allows us to live in our beautiful home.  Our extended families near and far whom we love and miss, and the internet which lets us all stay in touch so much more than we could have imagined 20 years ago.  In short, my life.  I am so very very grateful.

I'm also grateful for the grace and compassion that got us through the afternoon with peace, good humor, and open hearts.  It may not have been a yahtzee of 6's, but we managed to roll a pretty good full house of 4's and 5's tonight.

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