Thursday, April 09, 2015

Small things

Walking the dog with her brother on a gray morning.

Sharing jokes with dad after watching JAWS and JAWS2 together in the past few weeks.

Discussing the possibility of a cat.

Expressing real concern and helping search for the youngest when he was crying somewhere in the house (turns out it was in my bedroom closet)  (I have horribly bad "sound localization" which is identifying where a sound is coming from.  I can hear things, I just rarely have any sense of if it's above, below, behind, to my right, left...  This means I'm REALLY easy to startle.  It also means I'm useless in Marco Polo.)

I was reading a children's book out loud at the table this week--and old favorite we bought to send to my sister for her new son -- and she predicted the upcoming words and said them out loud as I read. Then she flipped through it a few times.  The fact that it's a book about loving someone in every extreme was intentional and my little victory of delivering that lesson was much celebrated in a quiet dance done far off-screen.  Language is ready to burst out any moment.

Smiles.  Eye Contact. Voluntary engagement.

Baby Steps have moved us so far in 6 months.

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  1. This is so good to hear. Read. Know. So good.