Sunday, March 15, 2015

More Aug-isms

In response to him telling me Katie and Jorge were bossing him around
Mom: Well, who is in charge in this house?  Mom and dad? Or Katie and Jorge?
August: me.

Driving into school one day, in the exact same impatient and expectant tone he uses for "when will we go to the zoo again?" or "when can we get ice cream?"
When can we fly to Neptune?

On the most logical explanation to everything:

1. Jorge walks into the bathroom while Auggie is brushing teeth
Jorge!  You scared me!  I thought you were a skeleton.

2. His shoe is missing.
Dad?  My shoe is gone.  Where do you think a ghost would hide it?

3. A minor noise heard anywhere in the house--with 6 people and a dog that's every moment.
There's a ghost!

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