Friday, January 23, 2015

Evidence of the kind of week it's been

  1. A half-pound of gum-drops at 9:30AM felt like a valid life choice.
  2. The simple fact that all 6 members of our family are in the classrooms/offices they are supposed to be in during this moment in time feels like a victory over all things.
  3. Five different projects are being managed simultaneously and I can't remember which one this paper supports -- all of them?  none?  Why did I print this?
  4. Knock on wood, but if we make it to 2:20 today, we'll have TWO full weeks without a sick day.  Don't begin to imagine that happened without significant effort.
  5. Seventy-five percent of the children in our house have had a tantrum at some point this week that involved throwing things.  

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