Thursday, December 04, 2014


What does adoption look like for us?

Well, it means I'm currently FB chatting with Jorge's foster family in Guatemala as we try to arrange a Skype chat tomorrow so they can see "their Jorgito".

It means photos of his first families in his room.

It means riding the incredibly bitter emotional wave after Maryna chatted with her biological father on Thanksgiving day.

It means photos of her parents on our family photo shelf.

It means honoring her mother's heavenly anniversary next week, and birthday last month.

It means having loose strings of family dangling out of our nest.

To others, it may look messy and complicated, but those strings are really roots. To really transplant and grow, we have to honor those as much as we can in any way that is healthy and supportive to our kids. This is messy hard work, but is any part of parenting not at least a little messy and hard?

(And some/most days are beautiful and awesome)

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