Wednesday, October 08, 2014

One of those days...

when the 4 year old is so tired he just wants to snuggle all morning and no one can really argue with it.

And the bigger kids get up and argue all morning.

So they're late for school.

And everyone is tired and groggy all day.

But still, you get forms filed to enroll the teenager in high school and an English Language Learners program.  And scan her passport, visa, and adoption decree (all 14 pages of it) for record keeping.  And complete two forms to add to a copy of the adoption decree, the passport, and a photo to send off to the Ukrainian consulate for registration in the US.  And complete 3 other forms to add to the adoption decree and send to human resources so she's added to your insurance plan.  And complete 3 other forms including getting something notarized and adding a copy of the adoption decree and send it off to the NY state court system to have it filed in the US and create both a US certificate of birth and adoption so all future issues can use those.  And complete 2 other forms and add the necessary documents to send off to the adoption agency for their records.  And pay some bills.  Because there are always bills.

And then the teenager appears extra sad and you worry if it's boy trouble?  America regret?  Health?  Stress?  Anxiety?  And it turns out she's grieving a loss that can not be fixed or relieved.

And then the school kids come home and there's noise and you're trying to grade papers and manage emails and --by the way-- all day long the world has been blurry and spinning.  Standing up too fast creates a woozy spin that requires another sit.  Hands are trembling, fingers are tingly, and the whole day feels sort of out-of-body space-y.  And the exhaustion.  Oh lands.  And this is day 2..or is it 3?..of feeling this way.

So by 3:45 there's a medical appointment booked for bloodwork.  Oh, but the girl-child has an orthodontist appointment at 4:45 and the husband is out on an errand and, blah, forget it, going anyhow.

Sitting in the doctor's exam room is so peaceful, a nap is in order.  Sister calls with happy news.  Blood taken.  Nap over.

Home.  Dinner.  Crying teen.  Tucking all 4 into bed at 7:30 with hugs and kisses and I love yous.  Back downstairs for grading.

Teen returns downstairs at 8:45 smiling.  Uno.  Hot Chocolate.  A better note.

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  1. You are awesome and faithful in so many things it is inspiring. Thank you for loving so many so well. Love you.