Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life continues to roll on. Maryna and Rob have been home for just over 2 weeks and things are going as well as can be expected.  There are days of homesickness, frustration, and general overwhelmedness on everyone's parts, but especially for her.  She's working hard to learn English.  I'm impressed every single day by the bravery and optimism she finds to tackle the day.  The kids are including her more in their invitations to go for walks or play games.  August is finally doing his charming self and giving her hugs and kisses which no one can resist.  He was "shy of her" until about last week.

School is still not started, a topic which causes Maryna and me endless frustration and anxiety.  Every single day she asks when school will start, with increasing dread and fear on her face.

We called the school district about enrollment the day after they got home and left un-returned messages on Thurs and Friday (Oct 2 and 3).  We left voice mails and emails on Monday and Tuesday the 6th and 7th before finally reaching someone on the afternoon of Tuesday the 7th.  They told us where to get the forms and where to take them.  On Wednesday  the 8th, before 9AM, we'd filled out and submitted the forms to the necessary location and were told to wait 3-5 days.   We heard nothing else that week.

Monday the 13th was no school, and then Tuesday afternoon we got a call saying the medical stuff was ok'd and we'd finally have her papers fowarded to the guidance counselors.  Later that afternoon, we got a call saying we needed to bring her in within the next 30 minutes for her English test or we'd probably have to wait another week for that step.

Frustration, thy name is public school.   We're used to private schools.  They will bend over backwards and drive to your house and email you on the weekend to make sure you're happy and settled in.  Public school apparently sees us as one more hassle with nothing to gain (they already get our tax dollars for zero services provided, so now that we actually want services we're a net loss to them).  I am extremely annoyed by their "service" thus far.  So Tuesday afternoon at the least convenient possible time (little kid school pick-up), we rushed to get the English test. Afterwards, we were told to "call and schedule a tour tomorrow".  So, yesterday, Wednesday the 15th I worked at home all morning so we could go do the tour with Maryna.  By 11 AM with no word from them, we called them and were told they could squeeze us in Friday morning the 17th.  Oh, so you mean "Call tomorrow to schedule for eventually".  I see.  I went back to work for a 12 hour day.

So today we're staring at walls for the 16th day in a row.  Tomorrow morning we'll get a tour (guess how much I actually expect that they'll arrange for a translator?) and then maybe Monday we can start school?  Super convenient considering we have an adoption court appointment on Wednesday.  When we scheduled that, I assumed she'd be two weeks deep into school routine before we disrupted a day, but two days is about the same, right?  ANNOYED.

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