Thursday, September 25, 2014

La-la La-chit.

1 minute with August:
talking to himself: Oklahoma. Oklahooooma. I don't really know where Oklahoma is.
Mom? Where is Oklahoma? [near texas]
where is texas? can we drive there? can we drive across the united states? can we drive to texas from liverpool? what is the name of texas? why is the united states so big? what does this song mean? (sings nonsense sounds for 5 seconds) why does my tongue make that noise? i like that noise. can you make that noise? lalalachit. lalalachit. lalalachit. did you hear it? what does it mean? lalalachit. lalalachit. are we cleaning up the neighborhood? yes or no? Are katie and jorge outside? can I clean up my space? yes or no? After I go potty? Can I clean it? Yes or no? How many wipes will I need? I will need more. I don't know how many I need. How many do I need? what is two? What is two? what is two? yes or no?
Questions per minute: 27. In 15 minutes he averages over 400 questions. He's awake 14 hours per day people. 14.hours.

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