Saturday, September 13, 2014

Introducing Maryna Michelle!

We got our court date for Monday, September 8 and flew to Ukraine over the weekend.  We arrived to her town late Monday morning and visited a bit before heading to the court house.

Everyone was nervous.  Everyone was antsy. The court started an hour late, adding to our nerves.  But in the end, it was smooth.  We professed our affections for her, explained how she was already a daughter in our hearts and a sister to our younger children, and we asked the court to help make it legally official.  It was a beautiful afternoon which I will (really, promise, gosh I hope) someday blog in more detail.

We spent the afternoon touring her dormitory and then the village.  Rob and I returned to Odessa for the evening, did some more paperwork on Tuesday, and flew home Wednesday.

Rob returns next week to pick up the official adoption decree and take custody of our new daughter.  Then comes a paperwork chase of getting her new birth certificate to reflect our last name and then using that to apply for a new Ukrainian passport to use at immigration.  Then a trip to the US Embassy to apply for immigration and, if all goes well, a flight home together about 10 days after he leaves.


  1. Congratulations to your expanded family!

  2. Joy, joy, joy! So happy for you all.

    Jennifer M.