Tuesday, August 05, 2014

love and commitment (edited and expanded now that I have a real keyboard)


Fourteen years ago, with the support of friends and family, we stood in a church and vowed to love each other as our own family.  Some may have thought we weren't ready (and maybe we weren't), but we went in with honest and open hearts, and we have chosen every day since then to work as a team and build this life we love together.  Some days have been hard.  Some days we need to reach out to those same family and friends for that support that we all pledged to share.  But every day I am more convinced that this choice to tie my life to his and turn ourselves into family was the smartest thing I've ever done.

Today, fourteen years later, we sat in a small office at the base of this cathedral and signed our commitment  to our girl.  Maybe we're not ready.  Almost surely there will be hard days.  Our network of friends and family has extended and grown and we will surely rely on them to help us through the hard parts and to celebrate together in the good parts.  But, just as before, we tie our lives together and become family and step out in faith that the rest will come, day by day.  Family is love; and love is commitment.  We are committed.  We are family.

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