Saturday, August 09, 2014

Heading home

5:13 PM US Eastern Time; 12:13 AM of 8/9 in Ukraine: This bag is threatening to make a big hassle. The main body zipper had both zipper pulls separate off at midnight... Pocket knife and sewing skills.... Wonder twin powers unite!! it is closed and holding together with medical tape and a prayer. Planning to have it shrink wrapped at the airport and also buy a luggage belt.

7:28 PM US Eastern / 2:28 AM of 8/9 in Ukraine: Car to airport arrives in 35 minutes. We got 0 minutes of sleep. Zero. And Rob has a sick stomach. Ready to be home.

9PM US / 4AM in Ukraine: Zipper problem fixed. Gotta love E.European airports--everyone shrink-wraps their checked luggage.  The service costs about 50 cents.

2:47 AM US / 8:47 AM in Germany: Germany. Next is the 9 hr flight to the US.

5:24 PM US local time: Delayed in DC again.  Who knew this was the hard part?

9:39 PM   Hoooooooooooooooooooome.

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