Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A month into forever-esque

M has been with us for a month.  We've been busy doing RegularLifePlus, which is exhausting.


At the end of June, we had a 1-month-belated Sweet Sixteen:

Cheesecake is a favorite favorite favorite, so naturally her birthday lunch was appetizers and dessert at the Cheesecake Factory.  20+ types of cheesecake were a tough choice!  I had tipped the hostess off to the birthday party, so they showed up with M's cake on a decorated plate with a candle and some singing (fairly quiet and non-obnoxious at TCF unlike most places).  

An then nothing says Sweet Sixteen like driving, even if it's "only" a go-kart.

The next week, in early July, we did a family camping trip to the northern Adirondacks. Katie and Jorge did their 3-day-2-night sleep-away camp and the rest of us stayed at a cabin 15 minutes away to avoid making the 4 hour drive back and forth.

The kids camped with us the first night.  They have a 10AM drop-off and it's a 4 hour drive, so it makes more sense for us to drive up the day before, camp nearby, drop them off, camp 2 nights, and pick them up.  While they were away we did a lot of relaxing, a failed hike (downpour mid-hike, completely soaked by the time we got back to the cabin) and a semi-failed kayak adventure (way over-did it and had to kayak back a long distance against a strong wind and 2-3 foot waves).  But we had some great bonding and connections between the kids developing during our concentrated family time.

On the way home Saturday, we stopped at a rocky waterfall and river area for some exploring and hiking.  

 And now we've been home for 2 days.  Still on the agenda (Things Promised that we need to do lest we be proven Flaky-No-Good-Liars-Who-Can't-Be-Trusted): A few days in DC, a day-trip to Niagara Falls including seeing the night-glow, and a trip to the local waterpark amusement park.  And church youth group to make friends, a tour of the local high schools, a trip to the dentist, weekly HipHop classes, the three littles to VBS for a week,   Horseback riding at a local park, Katie's much belated birthday party, and general day-to-day errands.    WOOOOOSH goes the summer.

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