Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stuff that's been happening

Incredibly short facts-to-fill-in-eventually:

Sunday the family went to Alexandria Bay to tour Boldt castle.  We stopped at a beach on the eastern edge of Lake Ontario on our way home and watched the sun set on the water.

Monday.  Um.  No idea?  There was a lot of puttering around.  Monday night the girls and I walked to the concert-in-the-park and listened to oldies.  I'm old, tired, and boring so this is a blur.

Tuesday. I worked all day.  M skyped with a friend.  That evening Rob took M and Jorge to a soccer game in a city 90 miles away where they were rained on a LOT.  Katie and August and I went out to dinner at Auggies choice: Indian.  There was a tense moment where I sort of broke the trust we had developed with M, but then it got better and now it's great.  Better than before.  Not that I recommend testing these things to make them stronger.  (Sorry, vague-y nonsense here, but a deeper post may be coming.  Right along with the hypothetical 150 other posts.)

Wednesday.  Mama worked all day, the kids and Rob did stuff.  I don't remember much of anything.  M cooked dinner and we watched Karate Kid that night.  It was a fun and smile-filled evening.

Thursday: there was gardening at home while I worked.  There are no plans that I seem to recall but that means nothing.  I'm heading home any moment to have dinner and find out what I forgot.

Enjoy the Sunday photos.  Happy Father's Day, honey.:

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