Monday, June 09, 2014

Monday Night

We're settling in nicely.  Today we successfully shopped for a bathing suit which is pretty impressive.  We're mostly still quiet, but we do seem to make her smile and laugh at least once each day.  And she's definitely more involved in the routine and operations of the house this time.  Laundry, dishes, table clearing--she's in the game.  Tonight she helped me figure out and prepare dinner and it was incredible.  Super delicious.

Basically: make a french toast base (dip slices of bakery bread in an eggy-milk mixture and fry in oil/butter mixture).  Spread on to that your preference: a little mayo, some cucumber and/or tomato slices, and cottage cheese that you've pre-mixed with garlic and green onion.  Sprinkle with dill. (Recipe and picture)  Devour.  I made a whole cookie sheet of bread slices and kept them in the oven while I prepared and set out all of the toppings in various bowls.  Then everyone assembled at the table to their preference and allergy needs.  I used almond milk in the toast batter and fried in "butter" and oil so Jorge could have everything but the cottage cheese blend; I made a single batch of the toasts with my gluten-free bread so I could have some base.  Easy peasy.

Also: we had fried potatoes as a side because we needed one more way to ingest oily buttery salty carbs. :) Mmmmmmmm....

It's all good, the cucumbers and tomatoes make it health food.

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