Sunday, June 01, 2014

In less than one week, M arrives!

There's a lot of stuff going on in our extended family but we're excitedly setting up the room and other details.  I'll highlight a few as we go through this week.

This is the result of our "craft along" project.  It ended up as 108 squares as a full twin sized blanket.

I'm thrilled thrilled THRILLED with the results.  I took these photos before washing it for fear that it would fall apart in the washing machine.  But it came out of the dryer in perfect condition and sooo soffffffft.  Katie is curled up under it right now, but it will return to M's bed tomorrow.

Stitching details: After whipstitching it together, I added one full round of the same basic granny-square stitch and then a double-v edge (here).  I thought of adding a colorful border but chickened out.  It's so simple and summery as is; I didn't want to muck it up.  I used Red-Heart "Soft" version yarn in off-white for the main body and a huge mix of soft yarns by various companies for the squares (Caron, Red Heart, and Vanna White being ones I remember but it was mostly whatever was on sale, felt soft, and had pretty colors.  And other people used whatever they wanted.  And I used scrap yarn.)

A special THANK YOU is in order for the many friends that sent squares.  Unfortunately I thought I had a better memory than I clearly possess.  I took photos of some squares as they came in and assumed I'd remember who sent which set but then I realized I have more kids than brain cells and more projects than note pads and somehow it all got a bit jumbled.  But THANK YOU to Jill, Jill's Mom, Katie, Shelly, Cindy, Mary Jo, Barbara, Susan, and whoever I may have left out.

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