Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday -- Completing Week 1

We're one week into our summer hosting and things are about where we'd hoped.  Not as great as we'd maybe dreamed (I'll go ahead and admit to more than one actual dream in which she suddenly spoke fluent English and we could communicate easily), but fine.  The kids are occasionally all laughing together.  August, our non-stop chatter box child clams up every time she looks at him.  He's extremely shy of her and she is equally reserved and doesn't reach out to him.  She'll occasionally smile at me to indicate she finds him cute or silly or amusing.  This is mostly true of the other two, too.  More "observe and appreciate" than engaging. Disney movies seem to bring out shared laughs, at least, as do Uno games.

Thursday night we went to a minor league baseball game; Today she learned to ride a bike.  She also learned the pain of a jackknife road-slide crash complete with ripped up knee and scuffed/bruised hip and shoulder.  We limped home and watched Tangled.  Tonight we went to an E. European restaurant in town and ate until we might burst.  Then we came home and re-bandaged her knee and she's been especially quiet.  I'd like to say I'm walking on the fine line between "giving her respectful space" and "being there for her and showing strong support" but really I'm just blindly flailing about and probably mostly wrong.  AKA Parenting.

I'm so tired.  Katie's birthday came and went in a blur.  She would like to have a few friends over for a party and my current estimate for when that could feasibly happen is November.  We've got major family issues right now (Things Unbloggable) which are re-prioritizing everything in our lives and I'm simultaneously letting down about 15 people in any given moment and as a people please-er personality that's really frustrating and anxiety inducing.  Dear everyone: I'm sorry.

Well this is a pessimistic post.

We're stretched thinner than we'd like with our time right now.  It's a season, and this new stretched life will eventually either become the new normal or return to something closer to the old normal but for now it a bit exhausting.  Sleep would almost surely help, so off I go.  Better luck tomorrow.

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