Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Dossier Submitted

The translations are done, the paperwork is in place, and the dossier is submitted to the foreign courts for review.  It's totally out of our hands for now.

In the mean time, our girl gets here for her summer visit in 3 days!  There's still a LOT going on and we're never going to get it all done, but the room is ready.  After finishing the blanket Saturday morning, we spent most of Saturday and into Sunday building the storage units shown here and hanging the mirror and jewelry rack and bulletin board type thing.  We cleaned out some more of Katie's hoarding debris and re-arranged most of the artwork on the walls to make room for M's stuff and update the room to reflect our super mature almost 9 year old.  Read: The kindergarten artwork was moved to the storage tote; butterfly wall decals were finally added to the walls.  

Still to do (besides all the actual things like my job and family things): figure out a way to run an extension cord to the storage area so she can charge her mp3 player and plug in a blowdryer as needed.  Make a pillowcase (I've made over 100 of these now for other people.  The shoemakers children and all that), and preemptively get about 125 hours of sleep.  Working on it.

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