Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beach Day

Tuesday morning Rob headed to the hospital to help with some family concerns.  He would be home "later" which could mean 10AM or 3PM or 7PM.  We've had weeks of this "waiting around to see what the day would bring", which just adds frustration and boredom to the constant worry and stress.  I can't get anything meaningful done for work with 4 kids milling around and everyone ends up irritated.

So at 9:30 I checked the weather and saw it would be 85 but cloudy, meaning the beaches would be fairly empty but warm enough to enjoy.  By 11 (yes, it takes 90 minutes to move this circus) we headed the 10 miles or so north to a nice beach with a trunk full of beach mats, beach towels, bathing suits, water shoes, water bottles, a cooler full of tortillas and lunch meats, books, cameras, sunblock, beach balls, floaties, and sand toys.  This is how we roll.

At its most crowded time, there were about 15 people, not including the 6 life guards, so we had our run of the sand and water.  Rob joined us around 3pm and brought a Frisbee which got us moving around a bit more.  He also provided an additional grown-up so that we could rent a kayak.  He and M toured around the bay for about 20 minutes, then switched out so that M and I could do a loop.  By then, M was ready for a break from paddling and Rob took the younger kids in shifts.  We also rented a little hand-operated paddle boat for the kids to take turns using.

By 4:45 we were all feeling the sunburns developing and were tiring out.  Once home we did showers and laundry and a storm blew in (continuing all night and into today).  I had promised M a trip to one of the libraries that has a collection of fiction novels in Russian, so we headed there and found 3 books; and then headed to a Ukrainian/Russian cafe that has a limited but delicious menu; and then walked next door to the European Grocery that has frozen pelmeni and perogie and every pickled everything you can think of and fishy odds and ends (so many gross fishy things in my fridge right now, people.  Squick).  And then home where we met up on Skype with a former classmate now living in the US for a 2 hour giggle-filled fast-paced conversation.  We finally wrapped up at 11:30 and crashed our sunburnt exhausted selves into bed.

Today (Wednesday): rainy and stuck indoors.  We'll think of some errand or task to break this up eventually.  Right now there's origami and scrapbooking going on.

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