Wednesday, June 11, 2014

As this suddenly turns into a food blog...

During Monday's recipe search, M found this recipe for Nalisniki and wanted to switch mid-meal-prep.  I told her to save it for Wednesday night and here we are.  Nalisniki are basically crepes which are basically an eggy pancake or a bready omelet.  These are filled with a cottage cheese mixture which takes it to a creamy eggy delicious amazing.

They were inhaled.

About 1/3 of our meal

Ukrainian Nalisniki (Crepes) (can cut this in half.  This fed 6 and had leftovers):

3 cups flour
1 litre of milk (about 4.25 cups)
10 eggs
3 Tbsp sunflower oil*
Salt and sugar to taste (about 1.5 tsp salt; 1 tsp sugar)

2 cups cottage cheese**
2 eggs
sugar to taste (we used about 2 tsp)

Butter and oil for cooking

1. Mix flour, milk, 10 eggs, oil, and seasoning to a thin smooth paste.  In a heavy non-stick pan, spread a thin layer of vegetable or other oil and ladle in enough batter to just cover the bottom.  Let set until a thin turner can slide under and the bottom side is slightly browned.  Flip and cook other side 1-2 mins, put on a plate.  Repeat.  Make dozens.  (video, but skip the folding for now)

2. In either an oven safe dish with a lid or a big pan or an electric skillet with lid, melt 1/4 cup (one stick) butter.  If using oven, warm to 300.

3. Mix the filling.  Put a generous scoop onto a crepe and roll like a burrito (see video).  Settle into the melted butter.  When the pan is full, put the lid on and put in oven (if stovetop/electric skillet, put lid on and set heat to medium-low.)  Let simmer in buttery heat for 30 mins so the cheese/egg mix inside can set up.  Can flip about 1/2 way through to brown both sides, but fine either way.


We cooked them in a 12" cast-iron skillet, then rolled and baked a batch in the electric skillet while we made more crepes.  That resulted in another set which went into a casserole dish in the oven.  So did another set.  Then we took out the electric skillet ones and put them on the table and put another batch into the electric skillet and that finally used it all up.  We used all non-dairy products except the cottage cheese.  Jorge had 1 plain crepe (no filling) and two that had been filled with raisins.  You could also fill them with apple slices and cinnamon, bananas and cinnamon, diced up ham and spinach, or anything else that sounds good, really.

We served this with a full pound of baked bacon, because life is short and food tastes yummy.

*Sunflower oil can be hard to find and can probably be subbed with any other oil.  We had some sunbutter spread which always has a layer of oil on the surface so I poured off 3 Tbsp of that to meet the recipe's requirements.

**The recipe officially calls for cottage cheese, but the stuff we eat in America from the dairy case is a lot more watery than what most other places call cottage cheese or farmers cheese.  In theory you can easily make your own (recipe, or recipe) by heating up regular cow milk on the stove and then adding lemon juice or white vinegar to curdle it.  Let it completely curdle until the liquid is yellow-y clear and then pour it through a gauzy cloth or big coffee filter to catch the curds.  Or just put regular cottage cheese in a strainer lined with a coffee filter to get some liquid off.  Or just use it as is (we did) and know it'll be a little less of a solid layer of cheese..

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