Saturday, May 24, 2014


Thank you all for bidding, buying, and sharing our Facebook auction.  We are completely FUNDED for summer hosting (The youcaring site has a slightly wrong total (s/b $3000) and doesn't show the $1400 we paid directly to the agency).  Two weeks from today she'll be here asking for coca cola for breakfast.  THANK YOU.


Once we ran over the limit I started asking people to pay the adoption agency instead.  An additional $300 has been donated to our adoption fees.  That will come out of what we will owe for translation, drivers, and legal fees this summer when we travel for court appointments.

We're still facing about $15,000 in fees for all the travel and in-country expenses August, September, and October.  However, with "M" here all of June and July and the first part of August, we will be moving fundraising to the back burner.  We want to focus on family bonding time and also we don't want to make her feel like a burden in any way.  Kids from hard places often have no sense of what makes a family weak or strong so seeing such a clear sign of financial weakness or need may cause her to question our ability to support her.  Or it may stir up old memories of stress and loss associated with finances. Our Etsy shops will be open and the talented and generous Nita will continue selling Herkimer Diamond pieces on our behalf as well, but the dog and pony show and full 3-ring circus will be dialed WAY back.

Thank you again!

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