Thursday, May 15, 2014

***SIGH*** (or, really, shake fist and rage)

No letters yet.

I talked to our homestudy agent this morning before she mailed the three copies of the revised homestudy and she agreed to let me come pick them up in person.  She would be in the office at 9:45--I arrived at 9:50.  Turns out it's only 40 miles, not 90.  Zip Zam Zoom, got those, drove down the street to their court house to get two copies certified, and home by 11:30.  Picked up August and got him home for lunch, then waited for the medical office to call.

And waited.

And waited.'s now 2PM.

So today's a bust.  Even if they call RIGHT NOW, by the time I get there, get the letter, get to the downtown court house to get it all county-certified, it'll be pushing 3.  It's a solid 2 hour drive to the state office building and they close at 4:30.  They say on the website that anyone showing up with more than a handful of documents toward the end of day will be asked to leave them overnight with a pre-paid mailer and they'll send it out the next day; so even if we DID get there by 4 (impossible) they'd likely ask for the mailing option which means there's no way to get our documents to our agency before Monday morning.

Which means I'm now debating the value of storming into the medical office and pitching a major tantrum.  Really?  There's no point.  Perhaps I should listen to the wisdom of August: "Let it go....Let it goooooooo"

I'll just peek in for a minute and ask if it's ready.  If it is, I can go to the county court house today and then tomorrow (Friday) morning drive it all to Albany, mail it out.  Breathe easier all weekend.  Or I can do both court houses tomorrow.

If it's not ready, I can ask if they'll please have it tomorrow.  And they'll tell me the doctor is out of town for a month or something and my head will explode and there will be a nervous breakdown and--worst of all--we'd have to re-do the medical letters AGAIN to reflect my mental demise.

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