Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Paperwork Status

We're so close!!
I stopped by the medical office today to ask if things were ready (recall, we dropped off the most recent iteration Monday morning) and was told "probably this afternoon." It's now 5:30 and no call. The county clerk closes at 4:30 so that won't be happening today. Hopefully they do call yet today for us to come pick it up, though.  I think they close at 8.
Our homestudy agreed to re-write the 6 words describing Rob's 2006 medical issue to remove one word. They'll need to re-print and re-sign with a notary and re-county-seal 3 copies. I'm hoping we can go pick those up tomorrow.
If all goes well:
1. One of us (Rob?) drives to Cortland (90 mins south) early tomorrow to pick up the 3 documents from our homestudy agency.
2. The other (Julie) picks up the medical letters.
3. Julie takes the 2 medical letters and the rest of our documents to the county courthouse downtown (10 mins away) and gets all of those done.
4. We re-convene around noon and one of us drives to Albany (2 hours east) to have all of the documents state-sealed ("apostilled").
5. We overnight mail those to our agency in Georgia
1. Documents arrive to our agency
2. They do a final proof read and assembly (already checked with them, they're staffed and prepared for this)
3. They ship it to Ukraine Friday night.

Next week.
1. Monday or Tuesday our documents arrive in Ukraine. Our lawyer there already has a scanned version of all of our documents and has started translating them, so she just has to double check them and bundle it all.
2. Within 1 week we'll be submitted to the SDA (State Dept. of Adoptions). The SDA has a weekly schedule where they only take adoption requests for kids over a certain age on certain days of the week, kids under a certain age on other, etc. So depending on when the "15-16 year old single child" window falls, we may be under review next week, at the latest the following week.
About 12 weeks later (late July or early August) we'll get a notice from Ukraine saying either "NO." or with an appointment date for us to show up at the Ukrainian SDA offices. This only approves the parents to adopt someone, not our actual adoption of a specific child's case. We travel there for the appointment and do a lot of formalities and officially submit our file WITH her child-case-file to her local court (like a county or state court). They take 2-3 weeks to review again and prepare a court docket, during which time we are back in the US. Then we go back for a 1-day (several hours really) visit where we both appear in court with our child and do the adoption (think justice of the peace at the court house). Then there is a 10 day waiting period (we'll go home) and then one of us (Rob) will go back to actually take custody of her, get her updated birth certificate and passport showing her new last name, do the embassy paperwork for her citizenship and travel documents, and fly home together.
But, y'know, first we need those freaking medical letters.

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