Sunday, May 11, 2014

Paperwork and stomach bugs and crochet--oh my

The paperwork is never ending.

We got the medical letters back and they were reasonably ok except that part of it was missing.  We got that a few days later and scanned it all for review. Our in-country lawyer suddenly noticed the wording that we have been using since March and demanded that we change it.  So we changed it all and got them re-done, but the medical office did something goofy with the dates on version 2.  At that point they were grumbling and threatening to not sign any more forms for us (I know!) and so you can imagine why I burst into tears when the lawyer said we had to get them re-done a third time and also we should re-do part of our homestudy and re-file that with immigration and blah blah "no kid for you."  This could be a long week.

While we were at it, the real estate agent did our letter and it looked perfect, but the notary accidentally wrote the date wrong in one spot.  She fixed it on the note and initialed it, but that won't work for a foreign court document so we asked her for a re-do.  Our agent was heading out of town but rushed around and got it done before she left.  The next morning, I picked it up from her office and it had a huge error in it -- half of a sentence had been deleted and was just cut off mid-line.  So we called the mom of Jorge's classmate and exchanged several emails and phone calls and picked it up the next day.  There was--of course--a small error.  But we fixed it and it passed inspection.

Meanwhile, we got all of the other forms done.  They're fine.  They're just waiting for us to get the medical nonsense in line.

Somewhere between version 1 and 2 of the medical forms and 2 and 3 of the real estate form, I got the same stomach bug that took Katie down Tuesday.  I was supposed to fly to Atlanta on Thursday morning and instead woke up at 4 AM, showered, and nearly fell down every 3 minutes from the dizzy sickness.  By 4:45 AM I had canceled my 6AM flight and my hotel room for that night, emailed all of my files to my colleagues, and I was back in bed by 5:15AM.  I didn't leave the bed for about 30 hours.  Flattened.  Rob brought the medical and real estate letters in to show me during my sickness and I may have over-reacted.  The world was ending and none of the paperwork was working.

By Friday I was feeling better but the medical letters are being dealt with tomorrow (Monday).  There was no point angering my doctor with a 3rd request in a week's time.  Pray for a patient patient and a patient doctor tomorrow.

And...crochet.  I've gotten a few care packages of squares in the mail which are always exciting.  Our girl gets here in 24 days so I'm switching all of my focus from making squares to just edging the ones I have and the ones that come in.  I hope to have all the squares in hand by the weekend so that I can figure out a lay-out plan to avoid clumps of greens and pinks and reds--unless that looks cool.  I need to go buy 6-7 more balls of the cream color.  One ball did the first round for 24 squares and there will end up being about 100 squares.  So 3 more balls to finish round 1 of cream, then probably 5-6 more balls to do the connecting process and a layer around the whole completed blanket.  This may end up as a twin-size coverlet!
Jorge is there for scale.

We also had a yard sale this weekend.  Because of course we did.

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  1. "Because of course we did." Hahahaha! I love you, Julie. Good for you. Why not?