Wednesday, May 14, 2014


All of the squares in my house are now edged with round 1 of a cream.  I had planned to use a joining process that basically added another round to each square during the join, but considering (A) the amount of yarn and work and (B) that 25 more squares are in the mail to be added and (C) that the blocks as they are will make a twin-sized comforter and finally (D) the planned joining technique will add 20% more in length and width....I'm now leaning toward a far more simple sew-it-together plan.

I can't start joining until I have all the blocks and can decide on a layout.  This is the "hot / cool /hot" diagonal stripe design which I ended up not loving.  There are about an even number of blocks of each color main ring, but because there are 3 shades of green and 2 shades of blue, that means there are almost 1/2 the blocks that "read" as blue or green for their primary color.

This one (and, yes, I realize the difference is very subtle) has each corner purple, then pink, then red, then green, then a mix of blues and purples, then yellow, then an inner diamond of blues and greens and other shady/cool colors.  It's closer to what I want, but still playing.

There's really no point to this.  As usual. ;)

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