Sunday, April 06, 2014

Weekly-ish update again, because life is chaos

There's really no news this week.  The USCIS has not yet sent a notice of receiving the homestudy or an appointment request for prints, so that's still waiting.  Our only other major project right now is the dossier documentation.  We have documents to send to Columbus Ohio, documents to send through our local court house, and documents to send through Albany, NY.  We have many many documents to sign and notarize.  Some of them are confusing and will take some time to figure out, I fear, and I've had no time to do anything with them.

Last week Tuesday was my birthday and then Wednesday I headed out of town with a team of undergraduates for a 5 day competition.  Which meant my birthday was spent frantically preparing materials for my trip, for my class while I was gone, and whatever I could do to keep Rob afloat while I was gone.  The trip was exhausting but interesting--I got home late this afternoon.  Rob, meanwhile, solo parented all 3 kids, taught his class, helped with some extended family matters, and celebrated a very lonely grumpy birthday (surrounded by 3 crazy children is fairly lonely, if not ever actually alone).  A dear friend and neighbor offered to let our three kids join her 3 kids for the afternoon on Saturday so Rob could run to Lowe's and do some grading.  Ah, the birthday dreams of a 37 year old.

This week promises to be something closer to normal.  Rob has a few medical appointments to attend, teaching his 2 classes, and all the associated grading, plus Auggie-afternoons and all the kids for 2-3 of the evenings.  The kids have religion classes Monday and Katie has a project due Wednesdays.  I have 180 exams to grade (given last week while I was out of town and all sitting in my office for tomorrow), 3 lectures to give, then 180 essays are being turned in on Wednesday (each 5-8 pages long), several skype meetings, 3 academic papers to read, 2 projects due, a visiting speaker to host, a formal event on Friday that requires me to wear full academic regalia (puffy dress, pillow hat, and "hood"), a research presentation to organize and host, 2 different photo shoots to be in, one last shot at collecting data for the project that I've been working on for 7 years, and I'd like to go to the gym.  And I'm spearheading a new student club. Somewhere in there I'll make a few phone calls to notaries, MDs, state criminal background clearance offices, and a realtor for paperwork. Yep, just a typical week.

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